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By donating to the parishes and schools of the Spires of Faith, whether it is weekly in the collection or through programs such as SCRIP, planned giving, or grain donations, not only are you helping to continue the strong tradition of Catholic faith in our communities and investing in the future of our parishes and schools, but you are also living out in a tangable way the stewardship that we are all called to as the recipients of the many gifts that God has given us. Please be sure to contact your parish or school office to discuss all of the many options for giving of your time, talent and treasure.

An Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) plan is available for those who wish to give regularly without spending the time and postage to write and mail a check.  It makes it easy for you to contribute. Donations are just automatically deducted from your checking account and transferred to the parish or school on a regular schedule.  Check out the forms below for your parish or school, or call the parish office to receive more information about how to enroll.

Parish EFT Forms:

pdf St. Francis Xavier: weekly form (37 KB)  / pdf monthly form (128 KB)  

pdf St. Joseph (85 KB)   |   pdf St. Paul (29 KB)   

pdf St. Boniface (151 KB)   |   pdf Ss. Peter & Paul (151 KB)

SCRIP is a national rebate program that serves to generate funds for non-profit groups.  By purchasing store gift certificates at American Trust & Savings Bank, Dupaco Community Credit Union, or Fidelity Bank & Trust, a percentage of the purchase price is given to your parish or school. Visit to see a list of national merchants who participate in the Scrip Program or contact your parish or school for more information about the SCRIP program.

More About Scrip


There are many forms of estate planning, such as memorials, that are wonderful ways to insure that you and your family leave a lasting legacy in your parishes and/or schools. There are a variety of options to give in this way. Please be sure to contact your parish or school office to discuss the different ways, such as:

Memorials - Memorial donations are simple ways to designate funds in remembrance of a loved one.
Bequests - A designated percentage or specific amount bequested in one's will.

Individual Retirement Account Beneficiary - A designated percentage of one's Death Benefit proceeds from a retirement account.

Life Insurance Beneficiary - A designated percentage of one's Death Benefit proceeds from a life insurance policy.

Charitable Life Insurance - A life insurance policy in which the individual is named the insured and the charity is the owner and beneficiary.

Charitable Gift Annuity - An irrevocable transfer of money, securities, or property in exchange for a contract to pay the donor an annuity payout for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust - A trust which provides annual payments to the owner and/or other beneficiaries and the remainder is used by charity.

Donating commodities can be done by simply informing your grain elevator or livestock buyer of your intent to sell grain or animals belonging to our parish when they are delivered and to write the check to the parish or parochial school.  The sales invoice should show the church or school as the seller.  Since proceeds are given directly to the parish/school at the time of delivery, you pay no income tax or self-employment tax on the sale.  As always, you should consult your tax adviser for a detailed analysis of your situation before entering into the transaction.

Here is an example of the potential savings:

Suppose you have an AGI of $100,000, you take the standard deduction (married, filed jointly) and you intend to give $10,000 in charitable contributions.  Action – give grain rather than cash.  The effective cost of your $10,000 donation will be $5,300.  Results 47% tax savings, By giving grain, you will pay $2,500 less in federal income taxes, $700 estimate less in state taxes, and another $1,500 in self-employment taxes.  Total tax savings are $4,700.  Use that money to offset the cost of your gifts or give the savings to charity as well.