St. Francis Xavier School, Dyersville


Jenny White or Beth Gallagher


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  • Offers a 50% profit from the rebate to families who purchase scrip.  Families can apply the rebate to tuition accounts at St. Francis Xavier School, Beckman Catholic High School and Religious Education.  Purchasers also have the ability to apply their profit to St. Francis Xavier Parish or St. Francis Xavier Grade School Operating Fund.
  • Purchases can be made at local financial institutions: American Trust & Savings Bank (Main & 136), Fidelity Bank & Trust (Main Bank), and Dupaco Community Credit Union (inside).
  • Access to nationwide retailers via  Log on to view all retailers that participate! 
  • ScripNow! and MyScripWallet are both available to purchasers who would like immediate access to Scrip.  Retailers that offer ScripNow! allow purchasers to print out certificates in the comfort of their home – no waiting!  MyScripWallet is available on smartphones to facilitate delivery of ScripNow!
  • PrestoPay is an online payment system that expedites purchases of ScripNow! and ShopWithScrip orders.   PrestoPay automatically deducts your purchase from your checking account and delivery of Scrip is arranged.