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If interested in any of these ministries please contact the Coordinator of Faith Formation.

Contact Chelsea Evett
563-875-7325 ext. 233
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Coordinator of Faith Formation, Dyersville
Contact Joan Steger
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Coordinator of Faith Formation, Earlville

The Spires of Faith Cluster is always in need of Catechists to help us with our Faith Formation programs on Wednesday nights, both at Earlville and Dyersville sites. This is an incredible opportunity to not only to give back by being true Disciples of Jesus and teachers of the faith but also to receive! There are so many blessings that come from being a Catechist not only will you grow in your knowledge of faith but you will also experience the joy that comes with giving. Check out the document, "What is a Catechist" for a greater understanding of the mission.

Catechist Aides share in helping to create a fun and uplifting atmosphere in the classroom. They help the Catechist with classroom management as well as helping kids with prayers and learning. By being in the classroom, the Catechist Aide provides an authentic witness of faith and love.

Adult Faith Sharing groups make for a beautiful community among the Spires of Faith Cluster by engaging in critical thinking of our faith in a small group atmosphere. Easy to use Catholic studies are provided by the Spires of Faith Cluster to offer small groups a deepening understanding of their faith and greater knowledge of God in their lives. Adult leaders welcome individuals into their study, facilitate learning and discussion, and help to foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and others.

YDisciple has been launched as our new High School youth program and is designed in such a way as to engage today's teens. This program is having a huge impact on the culture of today and adult leaders are needed to keep that fire going! YDisciple Discipleship consists of a caring adult leader or two, in communication and collaboration with parents, facilitate the presentation and discussion of topics regarding faith and life in order to meet the needs of critical thinking and guidance. They establish confidentiality, faith sharing, accountability, and provide guidance to the teens in growing in their relationship with God. This task is made easy through the YDisciple website and online curriculum videos that was built to mobilize an army of parents and adult mentors to meet the driving needs of teenagers in order to help them take ownership of their faith and launch them as lifelong disciples.

Teach the faith to the little ones during Sunday Mass. Children are led by adult volunteers, during the Liturgy of the Word, to help them ebrace the Gospel readings at their age level. A leaders handbook and activity sheets are provided to make this program easy to use and highly effective for the kids.