St. Joseph Childcare Center

The St. Joseph Childcare Center is a licensed childcare provider right next to St. Joseph Church in Earlville, IA.  It has a capacity of 53 children and is open Monday - Friday. You can find our rates below. Please call if you are interested in discussing childcare options for your child.


Current rates based on attendance:

Infant (up to 24 months) - $3.60-$3.75 per hour    

2-5 year olds - $3.25-$3.35 per hour              

Ages 6 & up - $3.10-$4.45 per hour  

Drop in care - $4.45 per hour


Address: 321 Mary St., Earlville, IA  52041


Julie Kloser, Director
St. Joseph Childcare Center
(563) 923-2068

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.